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Tecnonutri: Encontre sua dieta APK

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More than 45 programs: Low Carb, Intermittent Fasting, Exercises, Weight Loss, Detox

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  • Tecnonutri: Encontre sua dieta APK
  • Tecnonutri: Encontre sua dieta APK
  • Tecnonutri: Encontre sua dieta APK
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How about finding the ideal diet that works for you and fits into your routine?

We have 50+ diet, healthy eating, meditation and workout programs for you! Get the body you want with diet options like Low Carb Diet, Intermittent Fasting, Ketogenic, Functional Diet, Flexible Diet, Calorie Diet, Detox, Muscle Building Diet and more. ️

You can choose to receive an ideal referral or choose which program you like the most. In addition, you have access to fitness programs with workouts to lose weight, get in shape and gain muscle mass, with exercises that you can do at home in a few minutes a day and without the need for accessories.

At Tecnonutri you avoid impulsive choices and eliminate doubts about what to eat with weekly shopping lists to organize your diet and menus created by nutritionists. We combine practicality and flavor in meals that will help you get in shape with ease, in addition to a simple step-by-step guide that will guide you every day. Download it for free to try it without obligation!

Want to know what else you can find in the Tecnonutri app?

Food, exercise and healthy mind programs
✔️ Programs: We have over 45 programs for you to test and use whenever you want. Try from Low Carb and Ketogenic to Calorie, Flexible, Mediterranean and Detox diets, as well as relaxation programs with meditations and toning with exercise videos! Test and evolve your strategy based on results.
✔️ Recipes: learn how to prepare fitness recipes, low carb, fit, detox and functional meals. Access several delicious recipes, from breakfast to dinner, created and tested by our nutritionists that are healthy versions of your favorite dishes.
✔️ Menus: receive menus with the possibility of adaptations every day to lose weight without starving or gaining muscle mass, depending on your goal. Our suggestions are prepared by nutritionists.

Intermittent Fasting
✔️ Step by step: learn how to do Intermittent Fasting to have more results on the Low Carb or Ketogenic diet, improve your health and lose weight.
✔️ Fasting Control: track your Intermittent Fasting schedules through the app. And, if you have questions, ask our team of nutritionists in the chat.
✔️ Fasting Protocols: choose if you want to do Intermittent Fasting for 12h, 16h, 18h or 24h. Or, if you prefer, receive referrals or freely record the amount of time you have been on Intermittent Fasting and have protocols tailored for you.

Support from Experts
✔️ Online consultations with nutritionists, physical educators and psychologists: you can carry out an individual consultation from wherever you are through the Tecnonutri app, with the specialist of your choice (according to your plan), fully online.
✔️Live Classes: Join live classes with experts who teach you about healthy living and take care of your body, mind and nutrition. You can ask questions in real time, learn to beat emotional triggers, find out how to optimize your workout routine at home.
✔️ Chat with nutritionists: send individual messages with your diet questions, and receive exclusive guidance from the nutrition team from Monday to Friday.

Food diary
✔️Daily Tracking: Log your meals with your calorie counter and see how many calories you consume in your day and per meal in detail - fiber, carbs, protein and fat.
✔️Drink water: turn on the water reminder to remind you to stay hydrated.
✔️ Track your evolution: step on the scale and record your weight.

✔️ Groups: chat, share experiences, post your evolution to inspire, exchange amazing recipes, receive tips, ask questions with the nutritional team and follow the daily lives of people who follow the same diet as you. Download the app and find the ideal diet that fits you.

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